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Are you ready to release the illusion of limitation in your mind and design a life you love?

How about breaking through the internal or external blocks to get to the
next level in your personal and professional life?

My goal in putting together this event was to gather people from around the world to discuss the universal experience of MindShift to Success or perceived mindsets that hold us back and
explore how we can get to the next level.

An an entrepreneur, professional, artist or homemaker, you have choices as to how you chose to change your mindset and take your life to the next level, and these discussions will provide new strategies, tips and perspectives
for you to consider.

To be quite honest with you, I'm in awe of the purpose and integrity of this movement, that puts the power of creating the success that you desire back in your hands, where it belongs.

During these interviews we talk about what it takes to break through to the next level, and how to step into your authentic power and become an inspiring leader in your personal and professional life. I KNOW you will get value from listening to these interviews and you will hear exactly what you need to move forward.

These interviews are up close and personal conversations with sought-after experts who have helped thousands of people achieve amazing life transformations and create results.

Their stories are both practical and powerful, shared by successful people from all walks of life, who have both experienced and witnessed these transformations first hand.

Our Experts Have Been Featured In:

John Burgos

Karen Curry

Jeffrey Gignac

Carolyn Cooper

Barb Wade

Amber Annette

Michele Blood

Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte

Terri Britt

Vasavi Kumar

Alison Palmer, PhD

Rémy Chaussé

Cindy Holbrook

Teresa de Grosbois

Debbi Dachinger

GP Walsh

Deborah Acker

Angelina Campos

Dr. Friedemann Schaub

Lani Kwon

Fia-Lynn Crandall

Thomas Sterner

Kamin Samuel

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We Kick Off Monday, March 12th!

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Hi, I'm Phyliss!

Phyliss Francis, MA CLC PCC is an inspiring Professional Certified Coach, Trainer and Speaker. Phyliss is a graduate and is faculty of two International Coach Federation (ICF)-accredited coach training programs and is a registered ICF-mentor coach. For the past 20 years, Phyliss has been leading and facilitating insightful seminars, workshops and motivational programs for corporate executives, professional coaches, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. She has extensive experience and training in the areas of coaching, personal growth, leadership development, and spirituality. Phyliss believes that through professional coaching and training, people can shift their mindset, up-level their consciousness and align an inspired plan of action to create the success they desire. Her Conscious MindShift coaching system supports people to master their mind, maximize their success!

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We Kick Off Monday, March 12th.

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